In 2005, after more than 10 years of recording and touring with k’s Choice — still one of the most successful Belgian bands ever — Gert Bettens and his new band Woodface recorded their critically acclaimed debut “Good Morning Hope”. Two years later, he returns with his brand new album “Comet”.

The new album represents a marked departure from the previous one thanks to a completely different approach to the writing and recording process. Inspired by their stage energy, the band decided to trade the wide arrangements of their debut album for a much simpler and more raw sound. As Gert says, “I still wrote every single song as if it was my last, and then rehearsed it with the five of us. Only this time, the guitars were louder, and we had the tendency to push the record button much sooner.”                    

“Comet” in a nutshell?
Thirty-five minutes of solid rock and a single ballad for old time’s sake. Nothing more, nothing less.

This time the band camped at “De Studio” in Asse, Belgium. It took them, with the experienced Dirk Miers behind the desk, only seven days to record the entire album live. The Grammy Award winning Darcy Proper then mastered the 11 songs.

While “Good Morning Hope” blended power-driven rock songs with more intimate singer-songwriter compositions, “Comet” is more like one big primal scream, combining the rocking vibe of the ’70s with the love of all band members for what’s becoming rare in contemporary rock: a soul.
A highly original album with a slight retro feel to it.

In 2007, Gert Bettens once again proves to be one of Belgium’s finest songwriters,
and Woodface a rock band with a heart of flesh and blood.

Frank Clauwers / September 2007